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Preserve Your Exterior Home's Paint

Your house is your pride and joy-and maybe your biggest investment. But like many other things, it must be maintained regularly, including its exterior. The trim and siding's paint are subjected to everything Mother Nature has to offer. If it's time make improvements to your home's exterior paint, consider doing business with Pristine Images Painting Pros. You'll find us friendly, eager to serve, committed and highly concerned with your satisfaction. Our president, Alex Moreno, has more than 18 years of experience in the field, while Foreman Gustavo Palacios has 15 years. Their priorities are attention to detail and meticulousness, while their expertise is impeccable. Examine the outside of your house for some of these weaknesses. Peeling trim: It's common for the trim to begin peeling. Most trim that's peeling is real wood. These areas can be damaged by moisture accumulation and the subsequent freezing/thawing with the changing temperatures. Over time, the wood will turn gray and rot. Peeling siding: Seven to 10 years after a house is built, the underside of the siding will typically start to peel due to weathering and moisture. The siding boards will eventually start to swell. Cracking: House expand and contract as the seasons change. Over the years, caulking breaks down and cracks. Moisture can get into these cracks and seep back behind the siding boards, causing them to warp or rot. Fading: Sunny days blast your home with UV rays that break down the paint's resin, which is the paint's main protection component. When the paint starts to fade, the resin has broken down, letting moisture build up and the siding boards warp. We at Pristine Images Painting Pros are in a class of our own when it comes to customer satisfaction and a thorough and deep knowledge of our products, services and how they work. Give us a call today to see why you'll want to be one of our many satisfied customers: 704-906-1763. Or, send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

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