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Choose Colors That Are Perfect For You!

The color of an interior room can turn any space in your home into an phenomenal environment. A room's visual aspects truly "make" it and give it its own atmosphere. For example, the perfect shade and finish can make a small room seem larger and brighter as well as give it a jolt of energy. Because your home is place to relax, be yourself and spend time away from the hubbub of the outside world, you should love the colors that surround you.

If you would like one or more room in your house expertly painted, consider Pristine Images Painting Pros. We're friendly, eager to serve, committed and highly concerned with your satisfaction. President Alex Moreno has more than 18 years of experience in the field, while Foreman Gustavo Palacios has 15 years. Their priorities are attention to detail and meticulousness, while their expertise is impeccable.

If you need some (or a lot of) help figuring out which colors to choose, here are a few suggestions to help you along. Remember that the color will greatly influence the room's mood. It can inspire tranquility or boost its occupant's energy. And constantly keep in mind is that color choice is personal and highly subjective. Always select what right for you!

Pale hues' light and airy qualities can feel uplifting. Pick colors such as light pink, lavender and blue. Earthy neutrals suggest a feeling of being grounded. Pick colors such as slate, clay and sand. Deep colors lend drama that's rich and full of imagination. Pick colors such as violet, onyx, sapphire and ruby. Shades of white are timeless and suggest purity and cleanliness.

We at Pristine Images Painting Pros are in a class of our own in customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to see why you'll want to be among our many satisfied customers: 704-906-1763. Or, email We look forward to hearing from you!

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